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Mummification Museum

TIME : 2016/2/22 10:41:44
Mummification Museum

Mummification Museum

Located in Luxor, to the north of Luxor Temple and overlooking the River Nile, the Mummification Museum is a small yet interesting museum dedicated to explaining the ancient art of mummification. It can easily be explored and appreciated in less than an hour.
At the museum’s entrance is an ornate statue of Anubis, the god of embalming. The Ancient Egyptians applied their embalming techniques to many species, and the museum displays a number of mummified animals, including cats, fish, and crocodiles. There’s also a particularly well-preserved mummy of the high priest Maserharti of Amun from the 21st dynasty. 
The tools used for the mummification process are also on display, including macabre items such as spoons and spatulas that were used for scraping the brain out of the skull. Several artefacts that were believed to aid the mummy’s journey into the afterlife are also exhibited, along with some intricately painted coffins.

Practical Info

The Mummification Museum is located on the Corniche, close to the Luxor Temple and Luxor Museum. There is also a cafe, bookstore, lecture hall, and library on site.