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Peaks & Hills

TIME : 2016/2/17 11:49:05

Yángshuò is surrounded by towering, leafy, limestone peaks. The most accessible is Bìlián Peak , which overlooks Xijie and the Lí River, and can be climbed in about half an hour for some excellent views. Look for the signboard that says 山水园. Yángshuò Park (阳朔公园; Yángshuò Gōngyuán) is a short walk west of Xijie and where you’ll find Man Hill (西郎山; Xīláng Shān), which supposedly resembles a young man bowing to a shy young girl represented by Lady Hill (小姑山; Xiǎogū Shān). Dragon Head Hill (龙头山; Lóngtóu Shān) is a short walk north of the town centre.