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TIME : 2016/2/22 13:59:36


Portorož, which means "Port of Roses," is a city for those looking for a relaxing escape on the beautiful Gulf of Trieste. Enjoy the lovely beaches during the day, and then delve into Portorož's extensive nightlife in nightclubs, discotheques, casinos, and pubs.

Good music is always to be found in Portorož, as it is a cultural center of the Slovene coast. Another cultural asset is the International Sculpture Symposium Forma Viva, where the public can view artists creating their work right before their eyes.

The city is most famous for its health and wellness spas and thermal pools, making your Portorož experience one of pampering and well-being. Being a part of one of the biggest saltpans in the world, the natural elements of salt, brine, and fango mud make Portorož an ideal place for a spa, and is known as one of the most comprehensive spas in all of Europe.

If you're one for adventure, there are daily boat excursions into the Gulf, as well as diving, sailing, and windsurfing opportunities.

Practical Info

Portorož has a very small airport, but it is used mostly for charter flights. The nearest airport is Trieste, about 30 minutes away by shuttle, or Ljubljana, about an hour away.

If you'd like to take a bus in, all routes in and out of Piran stop in Portorož. There is also a free shuttle to and from Piran. The nearest train station is the Koper Railway Station, about 15 km out of the city.

If you're coming from Italy, there is a boat service out of Venice.