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Rainforest Habitat

TIME : 2016/2/19 14:06:35

Visiting the Rainforest Habitatis like stepping into a microcosm of PNG’s most exotic flora and fauna. It comprises about 3000 sq metres of reconstructed rainforest inside a covered shade house. It incorporates a pond, raised walkways, and an abundance of plants and birds. Most people come to see the bird of paradise , although the real star is ‘Argo’, the huge and largely inactive saltwater crocodile . Outside is a mini zoo with cuscus, tree kangaroos and cassowaries. To get there, take a Unitec PMV from Eriku and ask to be let off at the main gate. From here it’s a 15-minute walk to Gate 2, where the habitat is located. The Unitec security guards will soon point the way.

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