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Barrio Norte

TIME : 2016/2/22 9:15:11
Barrio Norte

Barrio Norte

The Barrio Norte neighborhood encompasses parts of Palermo, Recoleta and Retiro around Santa Fe Avenue. This part of town got its name from its location in relation to the city center during the late nineteenth century, when San Telmo and Montserrat were the center of things. Wealthy residents began relocating north after an outbreak of yellow fever. Today, what was once a rather poor part of town is now among the city’s wealthiest neighborhoods.
You may hear Barrio Norte referred to as Villa Freud, as Buenos Aires is known for having the highest per capita rate of psychologists in the world, many with businesses set up in this area of town.
Visitors and residents alike come to Barrio Norte for its moderate and upscale shopping and numerous cafes. Many of the neighborhood’s belle epoch buildings remain, lending the area a distinctly European feel. The small but well-kept Las Heras Park is popular with sun bathers in the summer months.

Practical Info

Barrio Norte isn’t an official neighborhood, so you won’t find it on a map. Start your explorations near Plaza Güemes and make your way south along Santa Fe Avenue toward downtown.