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Oyibo Man

TIME : 2016/2/20 11:01:05

Oyibo Man - Double Six FT. Terry Tha Rapman

Video of the Week 27/06/2015

Oyibo Man - Double Six FT. Terry Tha Rapman

Here is our song of the week here in Lagos, "Oyibo Man" by Double-Six featuring Terry the Rapman. Double-Six is a talented Lagos based record producer who runs Phatwall Muzik,  a well equipped recording studio in Ikeja. He teams up here with Hip Hop veteran Terry the Rapman for this song, and the chemistry between the duo works well.   This hip hop track "Oyibo Man" has a Fela Anikulapo Kuti inspired bassline, and groove that can only be described as infectious. The song is getting a lot of positive reviews and plays around the country, and once you listen to it you will understand why. It has that authentic hip hop "boom bap swag", but stays true to its Nigerian roots in lyrics, music and content.   Oyibo Man is our song / video for the week